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Loddon Nursery School OutdoorLoddon Nursery School - Outdoor Area

We have a beautiful fully enclosed, all weather outdoor area where the children have many opportunities to play, explore and investigate.

All children have opportunities to climb and balance on logs, dig in the soil, role play in the beautiful wooden house, explore the sand pit, ride scooters/bicycles on our paved area, hunt for bugs and mini beasts, grow vegetables in our growing area, read a story in a willow teepee, and enjoy many more valuable learning experiences.


We think of our garden area very much as an ‘outdoor classroom’ ensuring that children are able to access all areas of learning. For many children the outdoor area is their preferred learning environment and we are able to extend activities on a much larger scale; using adult sized painting brushes for mark making, walking wellies through paint, experimenting with water and guttering to make water canals etc. We find that children feel more inspired when learning in a natural environment, which is why it is so important to us.


It is our belief that children should be able to access the outdoors as often as possible, therefore we use the garden area on a daily basis.

loddon nursery schoolloddon nursery school
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